the Rooting Project

My sister Christina Kingsbury is an installation artist who works with a lot of natural materials, surrounding ecological consciousness. She created this tree (no, it’s not real), which has paper bark made from invasive plant species. We collaborated on an audio component coming from the tree. It tells the story, in Guelph founder John Galt’s words of the felling of the first tree to mark the city. Christina wrote a text from the perspective of the land that interweaves with her reading of Galt’s perspective. I’ve made the audio component available to listen to here:

The Dietrich Group’s Paris 94 / Gallery

The Dietrich Group presents Paris 94 / Gallery at the Enwave theatre this weekend. I’ve been collaborating with choreographer D.A. Hoskins on composition & sound design this spring. Based on his time spent with David Earle in France, Paris 1994 was originally an abstract almost Cunningham style work for Danielle Baskerville & Mike Moore. A TV onstage played footage shot by D.A. & David in France and the sound score was made up of manipulated field recordings from those videos. For this ‘gallery’ iteration of the piece, each section takes on a different quality of installation. I was challenged to attack the sound on a conceptual and persistent level, as though it were being created to accompany a sculpture or installation. I got to work with the original field recordings, using them to create ambient atmospheres and sound experiences that reference different states of embodiment. Part of what struck me in this process was the totally non-phenomenological job of the sound designer/composer. I had a strong desire to base my sound off of a tangible studio or theater experience. For this process I was asked to finish the sound before rehearsals were to begin. This week I had one hour in the theater to edit and EQ the sound live, in the space it will be played in. Although I am very pleased with the work that I’ve done, I hope to do more ‘site specific’ sound work in the future. So come out and see the show! Check out the Dietrich Group’s new website for details:

Audio for Jasmyn Fyffe at Dance Ontario

Robert’s been busy sampling, re-arranging and mixing old soul music for Jasmyn Fyffe’s commission for Dance Ontario. The piece goes up at 2pm this Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a sample of the audio work that came out of our collaboration.


In, With & Of

Danielle Baskerville in a rehearsal of a solo representing my recent phase of interior mapping score-based choreography. The mover references specific peripheries in different combinations, aiming their reaches to the places furthest from conscious awareness. In the theatre, worn speakers project Robert’s piano music. Watch at 720p.